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Frequently Asked Questions

This page will include some answers to questions you might have. Please read through the full page for the best understanding.

  • Will I get a VAC ban from using the software?
  • No, our Valve-Anti-Cheat bypass fully disables the anti-cheat which makes it impossible to get banned.

  • Will I receive a lower trust factor from using the software?
  • No, You will not receive a lower trust factor just from using our software. Our software is fully undetected and does not raise any red flags for the anti-cheat. Remember that lower trust factors are caused by many other things that are not related to cheats.

  • Can I use custom models/sounds with this software?
  • Yes, you absolutely can. We have a sv_pure bypass which allows you to load character models, arm models and even custom sounds. No more issues when trying to join an official server after playing on community servers with custom workshop files. Our sv_pure bypass completely disables the game's file integrity checks.

  • Will the items/skins appear in my inventory?
  • Yes. The skins and the items will appear in your in-game inventory and will look the same as if you owned the items. Note that the inventory changer is only client-sided which means that other players cannot see your skins.

  • Is there a Discord server I could join?
  • No. We do not have a Discord server. Communication is only done through the Forum. If you find a Discord server claiming to be us please leave the server since it's fake.