Reselling Information

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Mar 13, 2022
Hello and welcome to the reselling section.
This post will include all the information about how reselling works on MesaChanger.
This post is meant for both users who are wanting to purchase through a reseller and resellers who are wanting to offer their services here.

General Information:

  • All official resellers for MesaChanger are verified and fully trusted. If you were to get scammed by one of our resellers MesaChanger would fully compensate you.
  • Refunds are not able to be issued if the purchase was made through a reseller. Only payments made officially through the MesaChanger payment system can be refunded.
  • If you would like to resell the cheat to a friend without going through an official reseller you can simply go to the user's profile and press the "Gift" button.

Reseller Information:​

  • If you wish to become an official reseller for MesaChanger you can open a support ticket on the forum.
  • Note that we currently have almost all payment methods already covered by a reseller so the chance of you becoming a reseller is very slim.
  • To become a reseller you are required to have already resold other cheats and have a good reputation.
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