MesaChanger Plans for CS2

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Mar 13, 2022
Hello, as some of you may know, I'm the developer for Vanity/Mesa, I feel like we should try to keep you as much in the loop as possible so as to not erode trust in our products, that's precisely why I'm the one making this announcement.
Most of you have probably noticed that Counter-Strike 2 has been officially released, meaning CS:GO is officially gone. Due to the major changes in both the engine ( Source1 -> Source2 ) and architecture (32-bit -> 64-bit) of the game, we will have to completely re-do some and partially other parts of our software stack.

Changes going forward
Due to the numerous mistakes we've made in the past, mostly on my end, the focus in the Counter-Strike 2 version of Mesa is going to be security, hence whenever the software is ready.

Release date of Mesa for Counter-Strike 2
This is something that I cannot give with 100% accuracy and due to me making the mistake of giving an ETA for something then either failing to deliver on time, a prime example is the new backend with config sharing, or doing an extreme time crunch so I can deliver at least something in time, such thing was the cloud configs which were done in the span of a few days before Christmas, I will not provide a solid ETA on the status of Mesa. However, I will keep you updated on the progress so far.
I hope you all can understand where all this is coming from and will have faith in us to deliver a stable and polished product.

Regarding Your subscriptions
All users with a currently active subscription will be able to get compensation once the software is released. Once it is released you will be able to open a ticket on the forum under the "Time Compensation" category.
Sincerely the Vanitycheats Team
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