Trusted Member Buying CS:GO Skins 90% BUFF | Crypto & PayPal | 10€ Minimum Price

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Mar 13, 2022
Hello and welcome to my CS:GO Cashout service. Please read the info below.

I'm purchasing any type of CS:GO Item over 10€ for 80-90% of BUFF.163.COM price.
The rate depends on how expensive your skin is or how volatile the value of the skin is.
I do not purchase any items that have recently had their prices manipulated.

Why use my service?
My service is instant, you will receive the money instantly after the transaction without having to wait 7 days for your item to be sold on a skins marketplace.

Payment Methods:
PayPal - Friends & Family Only
Crypto - BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH +50 More (Everything supported by Coinbase)

Contact Methods:

Forum Profile - Shoot me a DM
Vofflan#1337 - DM me
You can also comment below.